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Hydrating Body Wash

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100% same blend of all-natural ingredients, including black seed oil and adding grape seed oil along with enriching vitamin E to further moisturize and hydrate your skin. This body wash helps to restore moisture and serve as a protective and nourishing barrier for the skin. Intended for daily use for those who may not suffer with eczema or have it controlled. Use in conjunction with Mal’s Magic Mix Eczema Relief Balm or Unscented/Scented Hydrating Relief Balms to maximize and sustain healthy skin. Shake well before each use. Best if applied with a loofah.

Ingredients: Raw Castile Soap, Raw Vitamin E Oil, Mineral Oil, Glycerin, Black Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Raw Avocado Oil, Filtered H2O, Mal's Magic Mix proprietary blend.