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About Mal's Magic Mix


Located in North Mississippi, Mal’s Magic Mix is a family business run by us, the parents, and created out of necessity for our son. My name is Jawanner Davis. I am a dual-certified nurse practitioner active in the medical field for over 13 years. I am also the founder of our hand-crafted balm. I am supported by my husband and business partner, Deron Davis who is a supply chain manager with over 18 years of experience. Our deep-rooted southern values extend to anyone experiencing similar problems and together, we hope to share our own unique skin care solutions.

Mal’s Magic Mix Success Story

At first, we started our son off on a number of various over-the-counter therapies suited for treating eczema. After no signs of improvement, we took him on several visits to specialists such as allergists and dermatologists. Malachi’s skin condition improved for a while before worsening. The cycle went on.

Being a healthcare provider, I ventured into an extensive study on eczema in order to learn more about natural remedies. After numerous trials and error, I finally developed a balm that managed to improve my son’s overall skin condition.  In addition to the balm, we developed a routine incorporating the use of  bleach baths and removal of all irritants, such as fragrances. Malachi’s skin significantly improved.

To make sure our product wasn’t a one-time success, we suggested it as a remedy to a few family members & friends who had children affected by varying skin conditions and some with multiple allergies. Within days of consistent use, along with suggested tips, parents and their respective pediatricians, noticed significant improvement. With the advice of friends and family, along with trusted health care specialists, Mal’s Magic Mix became a skin care product in its own rights.

Why Choose Mal’s Magic Mix?

A huge amount of research and resources were put into the creation of this product—you aren’t going to find more functional skin balms than Mal’s Magic Mix. Furthermore, my nursing experience in treating patients with acute flares of eczema as well as treating Malachi’s skin has been backed by a strong desire to help individuals regain confidence in their appearance.

 As a southern faith-based company, which relies on God for the manifestation of my ideas and implementation of developing a healing balm, days of suffering from challenging skin conditions can be limited.

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